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ETAS Corporation has extensive experience processing and treating various waste stream. Representative projects demonstrating our waste processing and treatment capabilities include a mixed waste solidification project, a project for retorting mercury from contaminated soils, treatment of RCRA wastes from refinery sludge, and an industrial wastewater treatment project. These are listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the project types.

Mixed Waste Processing: Prj-023, Leach Pit Sludge Removal and Mixed Waste Solidification

Treatment of CERCLA Wastes: Prj-113, Mercury Retorting.

Treatment of RCRA Wastes: Prj-157, Thermo Processing of F- and K- Wastes.

Treatment of Industrial Wastes: Prj-000, Operation of Chromium Precipitation, Micro-filtration, and Filter Press Systems



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