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Title: Processing and Thermo Treatment of F- and K-Wastes

Client: Conoco Refinery
Ponca City, Oklahoma

The objective of this project was to remove and process oil and water laden oil refinery tank sludge containing RCRA F- and K-wastes. To complete this project, ETAS Corporation employed three mobile treatment systems, consisting of a thermo-desorber, a material cooler, and an oil-water separator with physical and chemical treatment capabilities (spray tower stripper, chemical reactor, and activated carbon absorption).  Approximately 500 cubic yards of sludge were removed from the refinery tanks and successfully treated to remove all hazardous waste constituents from the solids to meet the Universal Treatment Standards, recover the oil, and provide pre-treatment of the wastewater prior to discharge to an on-site Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF )/Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project requirements included acquiring necessary permits and preparation of all appropriate work plans, including the sampling and analysis plan (SAP), health and safety plan (HASP), quality assurance project plan (QAPjP), spill prevention and contamination control (SPCC) plan, and waste management plan (WMP).

Accomplishments: With this project, ETAS Corporation demonstrated our ability to turn technical obstacles into creative solutions. First, we modified the ETAS mercury retort equipment to process refinery wastes and the recovered wastewater. We then developed on-site analytical testing methods to save significant amounts of laboratory analytical expenses for our customer, and finally, we enhanced the effectiveness of a solid-liquid separator for wastewater treatment.


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