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ETAS Corporation
2616 S. Loop W.
 (I-610 Freeway)
Suite 595
Houston, TX 77054

Office: (713) 569-5582
Fax: (713) 349-0683

ETAS Corporation is a leader in providing technology, equipment, and field services for waste processing and environmental remediation. We capitalize on our technical knowledge and engineering capability to provide our customers with turnkey solutions that convert their environmental liabilities into final closures. Founded in 1990, ETAS Corporation is a small business enterprise incorporated in the State of Texas and with our corporate headquarters located in Dallas. We are a technology-based environmental restoration and remedial construction company, specializing in applying innovative but proven technologies to solve environmental problems. the four letters of ETAS originated from our founding philosophy of providing Environmental and Technology Application Services.

We have expertise in technology application; environmental investigation and restoration; waste processing and treatment; design, fabrication and operation/maintenance of remediation systems; and decontamination and decomissioning (D&D). As a technology based remediation company, our field services are supported by a team of professional staff consisting of engineers, scientists, and regulatory analysts specializing in hazardous and radiological waste engineering; soil, groundwater, and mixed waste remediation; and environmental compliance. ETAS Corporation has the ability to quickly form specialized teams to address our clients' needs by drawing from our resources located in our various facilities:

ETAS Technologies, Dallas, Texas

ETAS Environmental, Idaho Falls, Idaho

ETAS Engineering, Sandy, Utah

ETAS Fabrication, Gore, Oklahoma

ETAS Construction (SCI), Webbers Falls, Oklahoma

ETAS Field Services, Amarillo, Texas

ADvTECH (Hydrogeologic Partner), Brea, California

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