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Waste Solidification & Fixation


UST, Tank Bottom Sludge
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Rendered hazardous waste
Accepted by RWMC for rad disposal
Successful closure of waste site (OU)

Title: Leach Pit Sludge Removal and Mixed Waste Solidification

Client: INEL Argonne National Laboratory
Idaho Falls, Idaho

The objective of this project was to Remove and solidify over 45 yd3 of mixed waste sludge from a CERCLA operable unit leach pit. The scope of work included top soil excavation, mixed waste retrieval, sludge dewatering, pilot scale treatability testing for developing site fixation and solidification recipes, full scale on-site solidification, performance testing of solidified final forms, leach pit (underground vault) decontamination, final sampling and analysis of the decontaminated pit after the removal action, and risk assessment to support Track 2 site closure. Prior to remedial construction, ETAS Corporation was also responsible for preparing all the related work plans, including the technical work plan, spill prevention and contamination control (SPCC) plan, health and safety plan (HASP), sampling and analysis plan (SAP), and quality assurance project plan (QAPP). After completing the remedial action, we also prepared the final documentation, including the risk assessment and Track 2 final closure report.

Accomplishments: The mixed waste sludge was successfully retrieved from the sludge pit and treated, rendering the hazardous waste components non-hazardous.  As a result, the solidified waste was accepted by the RWMC for disposal. Based on the final documentation, ETAS Corporation successfully assisted our client with accomplishing the Track 2 risk-based closure of a mixed waste facility, which was one of the early remediation successes for the INEL.


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