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Waste Processing and Treatment: Prj-113

Services Provided

Waste Processing and Treatment

Technologies Used

Mercury Retort
High Temperature Thermal
Vapor Recovery, 3-Phase Separation
Activated Carbon Absorption


Soil, Sludge
Radioactive, Hazardous, Mercury
Design-Build, Fabrication,
Turn-Key Remedial Operation
DOE – INEL Nuclear Facility
Level B PPE, Rad Worker II
CLP Analytical and Data Validation
    and WMP


Rendered hazardous waste non-hazardous
Acceptance for land disposal
Quality services through innovation

Title: Mercury Retorting

Client: INEL Lockheed-Martin Idaho Technologies Company
Idaho Falls, Idaho

The objective of this project was to implement full-scale treatment of soil containing low-level mixed waste contaminated with mercury. In order to accomplish this objective, ETAS Corporation financed, designed, and built a mobile retort treatment system, consisting of three trailer-mounted subsystems: a high temperature thermo-desorption system, a vapor-recovery and physical-chemical wastewater treatment system, and a post -treatment material cooling system, all linked to a computerized process control system. After construction, start-up, and shakedown, the system was mobilized on site to process over 500 cubic yards of soil, sludge and calcine waste that was excavated and transported to the treatment site by the client. After treatment was completed, the retort system was decontaminated and demobilized. As part of the project, ETAS Corporation acquired necessary permits and prepared and implemented all appropriate work plans, including the field operations plan (FOP), sampling and analysis plan (SAP), health and safety plan HASP), spill prevention and contamination control (SPCC) plan, and waste minimization plan (WMP).

Accomplishments: With this project, ETAS Corporation demonstrated our ability to translate scientific knowledge and engineering and fabrication capabilities into innovative and successful design-build-operate remediation systems. The treated soil met the waste acceptance criteria for land disposal, and was transferred to the client for disposition at project completion.


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