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Title: Investigation of the Perched and Ogallala Aquifers

Client: Pantex Plant, Mason and Hanger Corporation
Amarillo, TX.

The objective of this project was to provided comprehensive site assessment to determine the extent and concentration of contamination of the perched aquifer, and to determine the impacts, if any, to the underlying Ogallala aquifer. The scope of work included installing and sampling nineteen off-site perched aquifer monitor wells, five on-site perched aquifer monitor wells, and two on-site Ogallala aquifer monitor wells; installing two conductor casings for future use; wellhead maintenance; well conversion; surveying; plume mapping; data interpretation; data validation; and performance of vertical profiling on selected wells to determine down hole water parameters. The colloidal borescope was used to perform aquifer velocity testing.  Because of a very tight window of opportunity to access the privately owned off-site property, this project was performed with rapid mobilization and field implementation. ETAS ability to adapt to change rapidly was instrumental in our successful completion of this high profile project. Prior to field operation, ETAS Corporation was also responsible for preparing the field work plan, including the health and safety plan (HASP), sampling and analysis plan (SAP), and quality assurance project plan QAPjP. A Final Implementation Report was prepared to document the findings of the investigation

Accomplishment: The overall field operation was accomplished within a very tight schedule, and ETAS Corporation demonstrated its flexibility to accomplish this on schedule despite significant modification of the work scope after mobilization. Our use of cutting edge technology such as the colloidal borescope greatly enhanced our understanding of the hydrogeologic system.


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