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Soil and Groundwater Remediation:  Prj-181

Title: Zone 12 Groundwater Treatment System, Annual Operations and Maintenance Services 

Client: DOE Pantex Plant, Mason and Hanger Corporation
Amarillo, Texas

The purpose of this on-going project is to provide multiple-year turnkey operation, maintenance and repair (O&M) services for the Pantex Plant groundwater remediation system. The system involves the simultaneous applications of conventional pump and treat technology with chemical precipitation, microfiltration and a soil vapor extraction system. It is designed to contain and treat high explosives (HE) compounds, metals, and volatile organic compounds from a perched aquifer underlying the Pantex Plant. The system consists of: seventeen extraction wells, two injection wells, four passive vent wells, two 10,000 lb. liquid phase carbon absorption units, an SVE unit with two 10,000-lb carbon absorbers, a 30 gpm chemical precipitation microfiltration unit, and programmable logic controls to monitor and activate process functions. ETAS Corporation provides all operation, maintenance, and system evaluation duties. These include planning, operation and maintenance fieldwork, system evaluation, system upgrades, engineering technical support, trouble-shooting, technology application, system reporting, and quality assurance/quality control. As the system is operated, O&M data have been collected to evaluate the efficiency of the system, and to optimize its effectiveness on groundwater remediation.

Services Provided

Environmental Restoration
O&M of Remediation Systems
Groundwater Treatment

Technologies Used

Groundwater Pump-and-Treat
Soil Vapor Extraction
Activated Carbon Absorption
Chemical Pretreatment
Filter Press Dewatering


Groundwater, Soil
Radioactive, Hazardous
Turn-Key Remedial Operation
DOE – Nuclear Facility
Data Validation


Safe operation through competent
    field management
Established a cost-effective,
    technically sound, and optimized

Accomplishments: ETAS Corporation is currently providing O&M services in year two of a one year contract that permits the client to implement two annual extensions based on successful and cost-efficient operations



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