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Title: Site Characterization, OSTP RCRA Facility Investigation 

Client: Pantex Plant, Mason & Hanger Corporation
Amarillo, Texas

This project was a RCRA facility investigation to determine the vertical and horizontal extent of metals contamination below the concrete sludge beds at the DOE Pantex Plant Old Sewage Treatment Plant (OSTP). Historically, the OSTP treated wastewater streams containing sanitary sewage and industrial effluent from the Pantex Ordnance Plant, Amarillo Air Force Base, and the Pantex Plant. In addition, the sludge beds had received the by-product sludge residue removed from other treatment plant units. Work performed included evaluating existing data from previous site investigations; preparing project work plans, including the health and safety plan (HASP), sampling and analysis plan (SAP), and quality assurance project plan (QAPjP); taking core samples through the concrete sludge beds to obtain soil samples to a depth of 30 feet; installing two groundwater monitor wells and collecting groundwater samples; analyzing the samples for heavy metals, particularly lead and mercury; preparing plume maps; validating the data; and preparing the Final Implementation Report. Based upon results of this investigation, as well as ETAS Corporation's evaluation of data collected from previous investigations, the OSTP was recommended for closure in accordance with the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) Risk Reduction Rules (RRR).

Accomplishments: By using the appropriate sampling protocol and applying the RRRs, ETAS Corporation was able to justify closure of the OSTP sludge beds without the need for major remediation.


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