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Services Provided

Decontamination & Decommissioning

Technologies Used

High Pressure Steam Cleaning


Tank, Equipment and Facilities
Radiological, Hazardous
D&D Operation
Commercial Client
Rad Worker I, II


Successful decontamination of
    equipment for recycling
Safe operation through competent field

Title: Equipment Decontamination and Maintenance Services for D&D Activities

Client: Sequoyah Fuels Corporation
Gore, Oklahoma

In 1992, Sequoyah Fuels Corporation ceased its uranium processing activities in its Gore, Oklahoma, processing plant, and began decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) activities. ETAS Corporation was awarded an annual contract to provide facility and equipment decontamination and maintenance services. The scope of work consisted of planning and field implementation activities for conducting D&D of numerous tanks and equipment. The planning phase included development of the fieldwork plan, including the sampling and analysis plan (SAP), health and safety plan (HASP), and quality assurance project plan (QAPjP). A high-pressure steam cleaning technology was used to decontaminate the tanks and equipment with full success – the client was able to recycle portions of the equipment and salvage the remainder.

Accomplishments: ETAS Corporation has the management structure to implement complex decontamination services, on-site repairs, and system upgrades services.


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