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Services Provided

Waste Processing and Treatment
Waste Retrieval
Waste Management &
Tank Decontamination

Technologies Used

Centrifuge: 3-Phase Separation
Filter Press Dewatering
Chemical Pretreatment
Flocculation and Sedimentation
Bio-degasing for Tank Waste
Thermo Tank-Degassification
DAF Oil-Water-Sludge Separation


Tank Sludge
Hazardous, Refinery
Turn-Key Remedial Operation
Commercial Client
Integrated Safety Management
Level B PPE


Innovative tank waste retrieval
Effective application of waste
    processing technologies

Title: Tank Waste Retrieval, Tank Cleaning, and Waste Sludge Processing

Client: ARCO Refinery
Long Beach, California

Under this contract, ETAS retrieved the contents from two 10,000-gallon refinery waste storage tanks; separated the oil, water, and sludge; and provided on-site wastewater treatment operations and sludge processing services. Prior to waste retrieval, the tanks had to be degassed.  Innovative bio-degassing technology was used successfully, along with the traditional method of using a Weeco single engine internal combustion unit, providing significant cost savings. After degassing, the tank wastes were retrieved and separated by physical-chemical methods: a polymer was added, and a 3-phase Alfa-Laval 418 Centrifuge was used to separate the oil-water-solids. The wastewater was treated with a polymer, pH adjusted, and aerated using a dissolved air flotation (DAF) and flocculation sedimentation processes. Finally, a trailer-mounted filter press system was used to dewater the sludge. The entire on-site turn-key operation was conducted by ETAS Corporation, using our own or leased equipment, our own operators and work crew, with the support of our scientific and engineering staff.

Accomplishment: This project demonstrated ETAS Corporation's wide range of technical capabilities to support a team of well-trained operators and competent worker to handling very complex/inter-disciplinary waste and wastewater treatment operations. The technologies used in this project included innovative bio-technology for degassing, oil-water-solids separation using 3-phase centrifuge equipment, physical-chemical treatment of wastewater, and sludge dewatering using filter press equipment.


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