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Environmental Restoration
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Site Characterization
Treatability, Lab Scale Biological

Technologies Used

In-situ Bioremediation


Radioactive, Hazardous
Design, Fabrication
DOE – Nuclear Facility


Successfully designed an in-situ
    bio-barrier groundwater treatment system

Title: Playa 1 Bio-barrier, In-situ Groundwater Remediation 

Client: Pantex, Mason & Hanger Corporation
Amarillo, Texas

This project involved the innovative design of a mobile in-situ bioremediation system to establish a bio-barrier to off-site migration of high explosives contaminated groundwater. This system was designed to take advantage of a portion of the contaminant plume confined by an underground channel. Based on the client's groundwater monitoring program, including privately owned property investigation results, it appeared that contaminated groundwater was migrating off-site via a confining underground channel. The technology premise is that a bio-barrier could be established within the confining boundaries of the underground channel that would treat the groundwater prior to migrating off-site.  The system consisted of three dual-function injection/extraction wells and a trailer mounted bio-feeding mobile system. Initial tasks included conducting a lab-scale bio-treatability test on high explosives contaminated groundwater, developing the field-scale system design, and drilling six boreholes to locate the underground channel. Subsequent tasks would have included the permitting, final design, and installation of the portable bio-feeding groundwater treatment system.  However, these tasks were not implemented because the expected contaminated groundwater channel could not be located. Other activities for this project included preparation of the Field Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP), Waste Management Plan (WMP), Health and Safety Plan (HASP), and Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPjP).

Accomplishments: Through innovation, ETAS Corporation designed an in-situ groundwater remediation system and successfully conducted a lab-scale bio-treatability study for in-situ bio-degradation of high explosive (HE).


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