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Design, Installation, Fabrication
RCRA Waste Handling Systems
Radioactive, Hazardous
DOE – INEL Nuclear Facility


Certified RCRA Upgrade Projects
Received "Total Quality Supplier" Award

Title: Design, Installation and System Operation – Oversight RCRA Certification

Client: INEL, Lockheed-Martin Idaho Technologies Company
Idaho Falls, Idaho

This is an on going Basic Ordering Agreement contract for providing professional oversight and certification for design, construction, installation upgrades and system operation for a wide range of major mixed waste handling, storage and treatment systems, and other waste management activities under CERCLA, RCRA and Clean Water Act. To date, ETAS Corporation has completed over 30 task orders to provide certification for upgrades at the INEL Chemical Processing Plant related to pumps, pipes, tanks, heat/cool/leak prevention, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation. Work included conceptual remedial design review of Title II engineering design packages, construction oversight, and system operational tests. In most cases, the work was done inside radiological control cells requiring both Rad Worker II and HAZWOPER training.

Accomplishments: ETAS Corporation has demonstrated a wide range of in-depth experience on design, installation and fabrication of hazardous waste treatment and transfer equipment and systems, and has been recognized by the INEL as a "Total Quality Supplier."


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