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Suite 595
Houston, TX 77054

Office: (713) 569-5582
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Treatability Sutdies and Design: Prj-109

Services Identified for BOA

Remedial Design
Environmental Restoration


Mercury Retorting
Low Temperature Thermal Processing
High Temperature Thermal Treatment
Vapor Recovery, 3-Phase Separation
Waste Solidification & Fixation
Centrifuge, Filter Press Dewatering
Bio-degasing for Tank Waste
Thermo Tank-Degassification
Bioventing, Insitu Bioremediation
Air Sparging, Soil Vapor Extraction
Insitu Soil Flushing, Soil Washing
Chemical Pretreatment
Flocculation and Sedimentation
Activated Carbon Absorption


Groundwater, Soil, Tank Sludge
Radioactive, Hazardous
A DOE Nuclear Facility
GIS, AutoCAD, Primavera,


Remedial design capability was
    recognized by Bechtel Hanford

Title: Technical and Engineering Services (TSA)

Client: Bechtel Hanford, Inc.
Richland, Washington

ETAS Corporation was awarded a 5 year Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA), with options to extended two more years, to provide remedial design technical support services for environmental restoration projects at the DOE Hanford site. Bechtel Hanford awarded these still active BOAs to only five qualifying small businesses, with an RFP estimated amount of $5 million per year. ETAS Corporation was selected from among over 100 companies, because of our strong technological, engineering, and scientific capabilities.


Accomplishments: Although no task orders have been awarded under the BOA, ETAS Corporation capabilities in remedial design was recognized by Bechtel Hanford in awarding the BOA.


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