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Title: Site Characterization of Operable Units for Track 1 Site Closure, Track 2 Removal Actions, and for Further RI/FS Activities

Client: INEL Argonne National Laboratory
Idaho Falls, Idaho

The objective of this project was to provide comprehensive site assessment of three categories of waste sites referred to as operable units (OUs) at the INEL. The results would subsequently be used to justify closure of the Track 1 OUs, determine the needs for further removal action for the Track 2 OUs, and enable planning of further RI/FS activities. The work included drilling 110 boreholes, soil sampling, and pond sludge sampling. All field activities were performed radiological and hazardous waste control environments. Prior to field operation, ETAS Corporation was also responsible for preparing the technical work plan, including a health and safety plan (HASP), a sampling and analysis plan (SAP), and a quality assurance project plan (QAPjP). The work also included preparation of the field documentation report, validation of laboratory results, and preparation of data validation packages. Contaminants of concern included: TAL metals, cyanide, volatile and semi-volatile organics, PAH, and dioxin, as well as gamma, alpha, Sr-90, and other radionuclides. Characterization was performed under very stringent requirements for CLP Level IV sample analysis and Levels A and B data validation.


Accomplishments: The overall field operation had to be accomplished within a very tight schedule, and ETAS Corporation demonstrated its ability to accomplish this on schedule despite significant modification of work scope after mobilization. Because of our technical experience, ETAS Corporation was able to keep our field operation costs to a minimum, and by using our in-house expert computer system to perform complex data validation, we were able to provide high quality services to our client at a very competitive price.


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