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Services Provided

Environmental Restoration
Site Characterization
Waste Retrieval, Transportation,
Risk Assessment, Risk-Based

Technologies Used

Computer Expert System Software


Groundwater, Soil, UST
Hazardous, Petroleum
Turn-Key Remedial Operation
Government Client
Data Validation


Successful closure of waste site
Timely operation to accommodate
    customer's expedited schedule

Title: Expedited Complete (Soil and Groundwater) Plume Delineation, ECPD 

Client: Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission (TNRCC)
Austin, Texas

ETAS Corporation was selected by TNRCC to provide expedited site characterization and closure related to leaking underground storage tanks (UST's) within the State of Texas. Primarily using the direct-push Geoprobe technology, this contract involved extensive site characterization to support site closure. The scop of work included soil borings, installation of monitoring wells, sampling and analysis, and preparation of the LSA/CSA Reports and Plan A Risk Assessments. For most of the task orders under this Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) contract, these documents were used as evidence for site closure.  However, at one site, the Plan A Risk Assessment recommended that a "hot spot" removal be performed before closure. ETAS Corporation was later authorized to perform the removal action and closed the site.


Accomplishment: By using the appropriate sampling protocol, performing minimal removal actions, and applying risk-based closure standards, ETAS Corporation was able to justify closure of numerous USTs within the State. Use of the direct-push geoprobe saved the client significant amounts of time, as well as resulting in cost savings by avoiding more expensive drilling techniques for obtaining soil samples.


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