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Title: Site Characterization, Environmental Risk Assessment, and Corrective Measure Study

Client: Resolution Trust Corporation
Dallas, Texas

The objective of this project was to evaluate an abandoned quarry that had been filled with a variety of wastes, totaling approximately 48,000 cubic yards, and determine the appropriate remedial response to attain closure of the site under the Texas Risk Reduction Standards. Site characterization consisted of site reconnaissance, geophysical magnetic survey, soil sampling, and monitoring wells installation. All investigative activities were performed using level D personal protection equipment and in accordance with a Health and Safety Plan prepared prior to the commencement of the field activities.  Following site characterization, a baseline risk assessment, including fate and transport modeling, was accomplished to identify the likely pathways of contaminant exposure and evaluate the current and projected future conditions caused by the migration of contaminants. The primary contaminant of concern was found to be barium; however, the fate and transport modeling forecast that there was little potential risk of barium migrating down to the level of the Twin Mountains aquifer. Based on the results of risk assessment, a comprehensive corrective measure study involving remedial alternative development and screening was completed. The alternative recommended consisted of a Risk Reduction Standard 2 closure with institutional controls and continued groundwater monitoring.

Accomplishments: ETAS Corporation was able to successfully accomplish this project under very tight budgetary and schedule constraints, and was able to recommend a cost effective corrective measures solution for the quarry landfill.


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