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Successful closure of RCRA

Title: RCRA Closure of Percolation Pond One and Percolation Pond Two 

Client: INEL - Lockheed Idaho Technology Company
Idaho Falls, Idaho

The purpose of this study is to provide Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) certification for the closure of Percolation Ponds I and II at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant (ICPP) facility. The percolation ponds indirectly received low-level radioactive mixed waste streams from reprocessing and decontamination operations. To support closure of the two waste ponds, work included a comprehensive groundwater evaluation, both sludge & subsurface soil sampling, data validation review, risk assessment, and closure certification. A two-step evaluation process was used to determine if either a RCRA clean closure or soil removal was to be recommended for the ponds. During the first step of the process, the soil and groundwater chemical data were compared with the established INEL background levels specified in the Closure Plan. The groundwater was found to be well within the limits of the established levels. However, certain inorganic and organic constituents in the soils were found to exceed the established levels. As a result of this comparison, a risk assessment (second step) was performed on those soil constituents that exceeded the established levels. Certain constituents of the soil were compared with EPA risk assessment criteria. None of the constituents posed a threat to the public health for the ingestion pathway. The combined effects of these constituents did not pose a risk exceeding those risk-based levels specified in the Idaho approved Closure Plan for a residential setting. Based on the results of this two-step comparative process, the ponds were proposed for closure with no post closure procedures, administrative controls, nor soil removal activities recommended.


Accomplishments: By using the appropriate sampling protocol and applying the risk based closure approach, ETAS Corporation was able to justify clean closure of these two RCRA percolation ponds without the need for major remediation, resulting in saving our client millions of dollars for remediation, which had been identified by other consultants.


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