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Title: Sludge Dewatering Solidification Treatability Testing

Client: Sequoyah Fuels Corporation
Gore, Oklahoma

The objective of this project was to identify and develop cost effective remedial alternatives, as part of a site-wide D&D program, for 8 large impoundments containing over 16 million gallons of radioactive and hazardous waste sludge. Work performed included conducting a series of treatability tests and developing the most cost effective solidification recipe, studying and developing the most cost effective method for sludge transfer operations, and providing engineering feasibility testing on a prototype dewatering and solidification system. Treatability testing and feasibility studies were conducted on site and in the laboratory, in a radioactive and hazardous waste safety control environment. The various methodologies of transferring large volumes of sludge with site-adapted portable equipment were evaluated. The evaluation included the use of a sludge barge, a sludge dredger, and a vertical Vaughn pump, examining their respective operating efficiencies and various dewatering technologies, including dry well dewatering, flocculation sedimentation, and filter press technologies. A total of 31 recipes were tested and a formulation was selected that minimized total waste volume and satisfied ASTM/WAC criteria for various disposal sites.

Accomplishments: In this project, ETAS Corporation demonstrated our ability to evaluate sophisticated treatment processes and offer optimized alternatives, troubleshoot a very complicated sludge transfer and dewatering operation, and offer cost saving solutions. The resulting cost-effective strategy was subsequently incorporated into the site-wide D&D plan.


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