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Title: Waste Minimization Source Reduction 

Client: Miller Brewing Company
Fort Worth, Texas

The objectives of this project were to survey operations at the Miller Brewing Company, Fort Worth, Texas, facility to identify those activities that either generated hazardous wastes or resulted in the release of pollutants or contaminants to the environment, and to develop a waste minimization and source reduction plan. To accomplish these objectives, ETAS Corporation reviewed all operational procedures and activities, identified hazardous wastes and reportable Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) chemicals in use, developed a prioritized list of pollutants and contaminants, developed reduction goals, designed waste minimization measures, evaluated environmental and human health risks, and prepared the waste minimization/source reduction plan which identified hazardous waste streams and the release of fugitive TRI compounds. The plan included implementation milestones for individual project development and an implementation schedule for future reduction goals.  The results of the study and subsequent minimization plan permitted the client to implement a successful minimization program; recommended product substitution and waste recycling significantly reduced waste stream generation, and engineering and procedural controls effectively reduced fugitive emissions.


Accomplishments: ETAS Corporation successfully developed a waste minimization program for our client that was practical, environmentally sound, and cost effective.


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