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Computer Expert System Software


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Strategy integrated into decision

Title: SWMU and Wetland Site Investigation 

Client: Bell Helicopter Textron
Fort Worth, Texas

Based on concerns that a landfill solid waste management unit (SWMU) may have affected a nearby wetland, the client procured support from ETAS Corporation to evaluate the situation with respect to landfill and wetland regulatory requirements, and to provide a strategic assessment of what needed to done to meet those regulatory requirements. As a result of the compliance review and strategic recommendations, ETAS Corporation was contracted to excavate a trench and remove limited amount of "hot spot" soil contamination as an interim corrective measure, and to perform a RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI). Following preparation of the RFI work plan, which included the field sampling and analysis plan (SAP), health and safety plan (HASP), and quality assurance project plan (QAPjP), a comprehensive site characterization was completed. The RFI included sampling of wetland bottom sludge, soil and groundwater.

Accomplishments: Based on the results of the RFI, ETAS Corporation was able to provide our client with strategically sound recommendations for resolving the SWMU landfill and wetland issues.


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