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Soil and Groundwater Remediation:  Prj-006

Services Provided

Environmental Restoration
Remedial Design, Remedial Action
Treatability, Lab Scale Troubleshooting
Fate-and-Transport Modeling

Technologies Used

Air Stripping
Chemical Neutralization
Activated Carbon Absorption


Hazardous, Freon-113
Government Facility


Turn-key design-build-operation of
    full-scale groundwater treatment system

Title:  Groundwater Remediation of Freon 113 and Volatile Organic Contamination 

Client: NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston, Texas

This project consisted of turnkey groundwater remediation support, including the design and installation of a groundwater treatment system to address groundwater contaminated with Freon 113 and other volatile organic compounds. The system involved 5 extraction wells, 3 injection wells, two air strippers, and a carbon absorption treatment system. It was later upgraded, adding a chemical neutralization feature. Overall work included pre-design activities (site investigation, soil borings, well installation, pumptesting, geochemical data acquisition, risk assessment, and computer modeling), and detail engineering of a remedial pump and treat system. Slant drilling techniques were employed for extraction wells installed to capture portions of the groundwater plume beneath the release site facility. After installation, ETAS Corporation provided professional services to evaluate and trouble shoot the system.  As a result, a chemical neutralization feature was added, and problems associated with the clogging of injection wells with undesirable chemical precipitates were alleviated.

Accomplishments: ETAS Corporation successfully designed, installed, and operated a groundwater remediation system. Additional services were provided to resolve clogging problems by eliminating undesirable chemical precipitates that were affecting the injection wells.


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